A Fresh Summer Start

A Fresh Summer Start

It’s been a while, but we have been busy. Our game has gone under big changes. Now it is time we get you up-to-date.
Embershard is the new name of our game. We are certain that a cool game needs a cool name, and that’s why we are sticking with Embershard.

This summer, we will launch our game for a select community, and we can’t wait. Here’s what we were up to, and what to expect.

We have almost completed the development of our “Control Points” game mode, our take on “king of the hill”. These days we are working on its map, and its playability.

We are reworking some of our characters, which were mere placeholders in earlier versions, so that we could see if this game was worth making. Now we know our core game loop is fun, we want all our characters to be the most polished version of themselves.

We have a new website! Now you can find anything related to Embershard, including more info on the playtest at embershard.com

We have also written a litepaper. A litepaper is a lite version of a whitepaper. It is designed for the purpose of informing the player about every aspect of the game. It currently holds the most information about our game, as well as our future projections.

So, go read the Embershard Litepaper here!

Anyways, here is some trippy vegetation.

There are many more news about Embershard; the new roadmap, new FAQ, new dates for the playtest, and so on. The best way to keep up is to join our community Discord server.

Our community Discord server has an art creators hub!

We are ecstatic to go on this journey with you. We believe this summer will be the best one yet!

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