First of many!

First of many!

Well, here we are. The first newsletter from Embershard. So glad you made it here!

Hi, it’s Berk! I am the Community Manager at Veloxia, and we are the team developing Embershard.

This newsletter will cover all things Embershard; aiming to keep you updated on the latest development news.

Throughout the journey we have before us, I’ll provide you with entertainment or knowledge or anything in between (or you know, I’ll try)

As you might know from our little Discord “Q&A” our beloved game Lemuria Legends is in early development. If you have no idea what I am talking about, now is a good time to head to our Discord. I love shameless segues.

The community Discord is the place to be. The team and I are online most of the time, so you can expect the fastest engagement from us there. You can ask your burning questions. You can even flame me for things you don’t like but only mildly because I am fragile like that.

Enough derailing.

We want our community to get their hands on Embershard in June. So this month we worked mostly on getting that first version.

Don’t get me wrong. We have been playing Embershard since November, and put together a few internal tournaments as well. However, those were primitive versions, which only served the purpose of testing newly added features. We will be building the game on top of this foundation block, in light of the feedback we get from you guys, our community.

The version we are going to show to you in June will have a tutorial level, and a UI. (Back in my day, we had to imagine all those things)

This is the kind of “work in progress” stuff you would come across on the community Discord server.

How we will go forth with the logistics of the play test, I will elaborate on another newsletter.

We are feeling ecstatic to share our game with you, and hear what you people think! Until next time!

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